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There’s two people being all up in each other’s space, and then there’s uh, this.

There’s two people being all up in each other’s space, and then there’s uh, this.

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(Hornblower) raised the bucket to his lips, leaning back to balance the weight; and he drank and drank, water slopping in quantities over his chest as he drank…

The very sight of him was enough to make Bush, who had already had one drink from the well, feel consumed with thirst all over again.


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This is the line I always use when I am trying to convince friends to read this book because of how badly Bush wants Hornblower’s dick. 

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Mistah Boosh wishes his husband would take better care of himself...
  • "I beg your pardon, sir," said Bush, lingering after delivering his afternoon report, and hesitating before taking the next step he had clearly decided upon.
  • "Yes, Mr. Bush?"
  • "You know, sir, you're not looking as well as you should."
  • "Indeed?"
  • "You've been doing too much, sir. Day and night."
  • "That's a strange thing for a seaman to say, Mr. Bush. And a King's officer."
  • "It's true, all the same, sir. You haven't had an hour's sleep at a time for days. You're thinner than i've ever known you, sir."
  • "I'm afraid I'll have to endure it, nevertheless, Mr. Bush."
  • "I can only say I wish you didn't have to, sir."
  • "Thank you, Mr. Bush. I'm going to turn in now, as a matter of fact."
  • "I'm glad of that, sir."
  • "See that I'm called the moment the weather shows signs of thickening."
  • "Aye aye, sir."
  • "Can I trust you, Mr. Bush?"
  • That brought a smile into what was too serious a conversation.
  • "You can, sir."
  • "Thank you, Mr. Bush."




Dukat: I should have had you executed years ago.
Garak: Oh you tried, remember?
Bashir: Garak. This isn’t helping.

DS9 3.7 Civil Defense

I seriously adore this entire scene for so many reasons.  There’s this subtle little thing at the end that kills me every time - look how long Bashir holds Garak’s gaze after he cuts Garak off. I wonder who broke the stare first? Did Garak give his polite little head bow and acknowledge Bashir’s point? Or did Garak start to give Bashir the lite-version of his infamous 4 hour interrogator’s stare until Bashir just gave up?

That moment screams of spouse to me. It’s exactly like a couple out somewhere together where one partner starts the same old argument (about the war probably) and the other partner goes “Darling, please. We talked about this, remember?” And then there’s this silent conversation going on like: “Remember how you promised me you wouldn’t do this tonight?” “But I hate that guy so much!” “I know, dear, but don’t you love me more?” “Well… all right. For you, I will try to behave.” </headcanon >


It totally, totally is that kind of moment.

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In August, John Laurens was killed in South Carolina….Washington was not surprised when he heard how Laurens died. He was sorry to hear about his former aide-de-camp’s death, but he commented that Laurens’s failing had always been that he was too rash and reckless.

Alexander [Hamilton] was inconsolable. He and John had shared the same ideas and ideals for America. Moreover, Alexander was able to show John every side of himself, to tell him all his thoughts and feelings, as he was not able to do with anyone else. As much as Alexander loved Eliza, she didn’t quite take the close space that John Laurens had.


Alexander Hamilton: the Outsider written by Jean Fritz

what are you talking about

there are no tears streaming down my face

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I am going to go and find a hole to cry in now

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DS9 2.22 The Wire 

“I forgive you. For whatever it is you did.”

 My favorite episode of anything ever.

The cork-into-the-bottle scene gets me every. Single. Time. :D

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"Bush?” blazed out Hornblower, moved as not even the loss of his sword could move him. “Bush? That is impossible. Lieutenant Bush is seriously wounded. It might easily be fatal to take him on a long journey at present."

-Flying Colours

Knowing how much Hornblower values that sword and the honor and duty it represents…excuse me I have to go daa’awww again.

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"Hornblower thought he saw a twinge of pain cross Bush’s expression as the cart lurched on the abominable road.
“Is there anything I can do?” he asked, trying hard to keep the helplessness out of his voice.
“Nothing, thank you, sir,” whispered Bush.
“Try and sleep,” said Hornblower
Bush’s hand which lay outside the blanket twitched and stirred and moved towards him; he took it and felt a gentle pressure. For a few seconds Bush’s hand stroked his, feebly, caressing it as though it was a woman’s. There was a glimmer of a smile on Bush’s drawn face with its closed eyes. During all the years they had served together it was the first sign of affection either had shown for the other. Bush’s head turned on the pillow, and he lay quite still, while Hornblower sat not daring to move for fear of disturbing him."

-Flying Colours

A ship is launched.

(In all seriousness, though, I love this scene just as much because it’s not intended to be slashy/sexual as such. It’s all friendship and devotion and feelings). 

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I agree that it’s really moving on the level that they’re two people who are not overtly affectionate, and that it took THAT to push them to show it…

…and then there’s the “as though it were a woman’s” line, and it’s just so HARD for me to keep it straight.  <_<;


oh my god how does your face work Saint-Just?



let’s talk about the way antoine is looking at maxime. 

let’s just talk about it. 

Let’s just talk about it and never stop okay

As soon as I saw the picture, I knew the implication.

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….. yep.
- Life, April 23 1945


….. yep.

- Life, April 23 1945

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