Nitroglycerine Tulips

Yep… Still got it.

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Today I saw the attic space in George Washington’s Valley Forge headquarters where John Laurens slept and would complain about hitting his head in the mornings.

I didn’t get a picture because the Park Rangers were kicking us out, but I just needed to mention this.

It’s actually easier to believe that I have four tracks with that title than that the one that left off the diacritical mark is from the official soundtrack.  :P

It’s actually easier to believe that I have four tracks with that title than that the one that left off the diacritical mark is from the official soundtrack.  :P

It’s ~that time of month~ when I turn into a werewolf, and just for kicks I looked up the current moon phase to see what my auspice would be were I one of the Forsaken.

Cahalith serve as visionaries and more often than not they are overcome by thoughts and impulses that demand expression in form of artistry or musicianship of a sort.

They are ridden by their dreams and uphold the Uratha’s culture, remembering old legends and tales; Cahalith also look toward to the future, able to find answers to tomorrow’s problems of the future in yesterday’s tales. And even those without artistic talent are at least able to express themselves in their poignant howls.

Within a pack, the Cahalith most often fills the role of holding knowledge and information on almost everything. Their auspice ability allows them to catch glimpses of the future in their prophetic dreams, receiving clues from their interpretations.

…Surprisingly appropriate!

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I will seduce men with my extensive knowledge of Lord of the Rings.

I was about to write a tag response like “LOL I’d still be doin it wrong”, since I tend to like Men and Dwarves while finding Hobbits sort of okay and Elves kinda boring.  I’ve never read the Silmarillion and I don’t care about Quenya, but I know a few nouns in Rohirric and let me tell you about the House of Húrin.

But then I realized, what if I met a nice girl who liked Elves and Hobbits, and we discovered we were two halves of a perfect whole.  She could tell me all the multifarious reasons why Elves aren’t as boring as I think they are, and as for Hobbits, we could start with Tooks and Brandybucks and work our way from there, I could explain my many feelings about the House of Eorl, and why Tolkien’s Dwarves have a diaspora narrative teeming with rich possibilities for exploration, and after a few weeks we’d be grabbing each other’s hands over Dain Ironfoot and cuddling while listening to Unfinished Tales.  Assuming general diet and lifestyle compatibility, we’d be looking at soulmate material.  :P

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Empire, colonialism, postcolonialism etc. have been on my mind recently because I got a free JStor account.  A lot of the texts which are available to read are old, and many of them fall either into the category of “horrifyingly racist imperial shit” and “backlash against horrifyingly racist imperial shit”.  Anthropology as a discipline has a very tarnished past, but it has tried to grapple with that past head-on, and I think has confronted and attempted to remedy it better than some disciplines.  Theological reading recently introduced me to the term “empire-critical”, which I have also been contemplating.  And JStor gave me a lot of fascinating-sounding articles about the intersection between medanth and postcolonialism which I want to delve into.  There’s a bigger focus on biology/ies than what I’ve generally been interested in – JStor’s free stuff is kind of limited, it was that or pregnancy care.  :P  I have historically been really into tailoring treatment/prevention programs for the community they serve as well as things like trying to balance economic sustainability with the idea of a preferential option for the poor, but I’m starting to want to step back and look at how issues like neoimperialism, outsider/etic POV, and centralization vs decentralization play into this.

Everybody wants to find their drift partner and pilot a jaeger.

Honestly, if I was in the Pacific Rim universe, I’m not sure whether I’d be more excited to study American communities’ response to unprecedented numbers of IDPs, the Bay Area diaspora, or issues related to continuity and delivery of care specifically in the area of communicable disease among the transient population following the Wall of Life.

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In other public crying news, I had a thought* which caused me to start sobbing immediately and stop walking.  And after I stood there for a few minutes, the thought that came into my head was “Come on, what would Marshall Pentecost say if he saw you leaning against someone’s fence crying on the sidewalk?”  After which I was then able to get myself together, wipe off my face, and keep going.

(For the record, I think the answer to that question is probably “Something helpful and encouraging.”  But it would still make me want to stand up straight and comport myself in a manner worthy of his expectations, so maybe this is a superior form of dorky encouragement to “This is no way for a member of the Order to behave.”)

*which I do not want to discuss.

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I had a really nice day today and met a whole ton of people, plus I think I agreed to GM for one of them?  ^_^  Which is nice, because I was thinking the other day how much I want to run SOTC again.

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James McAvoy + Star Trek

*attempts to go clubbing*

*realizes she could be sitting in her frilly goth dress proof-reading her research paper and having infinitely more fun*

*does so*


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The boots reminded me…

I may go to a midnight showing of the new Star Trek movie, and if I do, I want to wear my Science Division dress.  (Heck, if I go to a non-midnight showing I may, that thing is comfy and I’ve only ever worn it twice).

What if I accessorized it with a nice scarf and waited to see if anybody got the joke?

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Did anybody notice the brief URL change?

It was just so I could figure out how it was done.  I don’t think I’ll be switching any time soon – not, at least, until the next Hobbit film comes out, and my dash is beset with Elves.  But yes, I am sitting on  (This is, as you may know, probably the original of the line misquoted in Lewis as “No more flipping Elves”).

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shes-a-voodoo-child asked: "Hi, I hope you don't mind the follow, but I saw your post about wanting ALL the Lix + milicianas fic and YES PLEASE. I'm woefully underinformed about the Spanish Civil War, but that sounds amazing. Plus, your blog is excellent."

Welcome, and thank you!

More historical nerdy notes (in case anyone is interested in them?) – I find it interesting that she had the baby registered in Barcelona, since it was both strongly Republican and extremely tumultuous (the Republicans’ biggest flaw was disunity, and IIRC the Generalitat lost control of the city to anarchist groups, who were then challenged by others.  There was fighting in the streets, etc).  The Italians also bombed the shit out of it in 1939, so large parts of it were completely destroyed.  Also, it seems likely that she came back after giving up the baby, since Madrid fell after Barcelona, and I can’t imagine anybody caring for a baby and taking photographs through that.  (There is also the chance that she had the baby after the end of the war, but while I don’t know anything about the position of foreigners at that time vis a vis whether this would be possible, I know just enough about the Franco regime’s history of sketchy activities in maternity wards to find this idea rather disturbing).

My area of interest often centers around the international brigades, but if you want to learn about the Spanish Civil War the tumblr way, I have a tag for it….

ETA: Also, if anybody is interested and can get their hands on it, part of Cambridge Spies is about Kim Philby’s time as a British journalist during the Spanish Civil War.  IIRC it’s mainly composed of journalists sitting around in bars drinking, and Guernica.  (It’s been a few years since I saw it).

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Resistance Through Ritual: Youth Cultures in Post-War Britain for $10.39 online.

I screamed with excitement.

I want/need to dig out my copy of Subculture: the Meaning of Style again.  Super-interesting things which I am perpetually re-understanding.  Maybe another dig through Geertz, too.  And I think I need to read Foucault, because I’ve been finding interesting-looking books which reference him in their jacket copies, and I don’t want to get into stuff and be totally lost.  But theory and my brain are natural foes… ;_;

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